Manage Complex Data Sets

Clinical Document Improvement

Promote comprehensive and accurate clinical documentation practices in your healthcare system

Compliant CDI Strategies 

The increasing complexity of data gathering, combined with surges in total outpatient and inpatient claims, makes it critical for healthcare systems to properly capture and document relevant information. 

Pena4’s Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) services facilitate patient event details. Our specialists capture the data to support accurate and compliant electronic health records.


CDI Analytics & Audits

Pena4 also offers CDI Analytics and Audit solutions to our partners. Our Analytics application is developed to track and report opportunities for documentation improvement for improved code assignment and Diagnosis Related Group reimbursement.

Our clinical documentation audits offer healthcare organizations critical preventative action to keep documentation practices complete and accurate throughout the entire revenue management cycle.

Pena4 leverages our CDI services to develop individual profile reports for physician and medical services

We'll generate clarification forms using the data gathered to pinpoint the most and least effective components in your process

Assess all documentation and data to determine overall financial impact

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