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Run Lean and Drive ROI

Pena4's suite of customized and scalable services equip businesses to reduce overhead, improve productivity, and boost revenue capture opportunities. 

Our services and solutions:

  • Deliver cost savings
  • Leverage state-of-the-art technology
  • Increase client satisfaction levels

HealthCare Staffing

Our team of trained and experienced outsourced professionals accelerate output and prioritize bottom line savings.


Pena4's dynamic and innovative consulting strategies help our partners build out their infrastructure and eliminate performance gaps.


Pena4's virtual medical coders improve revenue cycle output and increase overall coding capabilities.


Our Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) services support proper data capture practices for accurate and compliant electronic health records.


Pena4's H.I.M. partners leverage our CDM services to mitigate risk, minimize revenue and cycle disruptions, and keep up with both patient and payer needs.

Medical Billing

Pena4 is not just your go-to medical coding provider — we are your proven medical coding partner.

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