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Develop internal medical coding teams to improve productivity, increase efficiencies, and drive net revenues

Invest in Your H.I.M. Team

Today’s H.I.M. and medical coding professionals must maintain the very highest standards and practices amid continually changing regulations and protocols. ICD-10 compliance and coding denial prevention remain primary concerns across multiple medical settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Health systems
  • Healthcare providers
As a result, medical coding specialists must be trained and prepared to maintain efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in accordance with current regulations.
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Promote a Culture of Medical Coding Excellence

Pena4’s suite of education programs and resources deliver critical insight, expertise, and industry leadership. Our educational services help H.I.M. professionals achieve medical coding excellence and complete compliance. Pena4's course selection covers vital information, such as: 
  • Quarterly Review of AHA Coding Clinics
  • Quarterly Review of CPT Assistants
  • Annual ICD-10 Coding Updates
  • Annual CPT Code Updates
  • Annual OIG Work Plan
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Hierarchical Condition Categories
  • Changes and Updates to CMS IPPS and OPPS systems
  • Regulatory and Compliance Issues and Updates

We offer flexible training programs designed for medical coders, providers, managers, and ancillary staff

Pena4 trainers offer insight and guidance for new employees, especially those needing remediation

Our education and training programs help H.I.M. professionals understand the very highest coding and compliance standards

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