Secure Profit Margins

Revenue Cycle Services

Implement customized solutions designed to increase cash flow, protect profits, and maintain overall financial performance of your healthcare system

Transform the Billing and Payment Cycle

Meet consumer need and industry standards

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to continuously improve the patient experience amid diminishing profit margins, declining reimbursements, and elevated operational risks. Pena4's revenue cycle management services deliver customized solutions that drive billing and paying efficiencies, achieve key performance indications, and resolve reimbursement denials and disruptions.

Pena4's revenue cycle professionals thoroughly evaluate existing processes and practices to develop a solution based on your healthcare organization's specific needs

We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to create relevant reports and dashboards to analyze trends and patterns throughout the revenue cycle

Pena4's credentialed auditors identify revenue vulnerabilities and zero in on opportunities for medical coding performance improvement

Improve Bottom-Line ROI

Pena4 services help hospital and healthcare organizations:

Identify Risk

Eliminate process threats and increase cycle efficiencies and compliance

Minimize Coding Denials

Improve medical coding accuracies to lower reimbursement denials and expedite payment times

Achieve Financial Goals

Track and measure revenue cycle management progress against KPIs to hit your financial goals

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