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Prioritize Proper Medical Coding

Health Information Management

Improve medical coding, clinical documentation, and revenue cycle management to drive results across your operations

Remote H.I.M. Services

Health information management leaders across every specialty are continuously looking for ways to mitigate risk and prioritize fast, accurate, and compliant medical coding practices.

Outsourcing H.I.M. functions, including medical coding and revenue cycle management, to an offshore staffing firm delivers an ideal way to reduce cost, ensure proper staffing, control quality and productivity, and ultimately improve operational ROI.

Outsource H.I.M. functions to lower the burden on internal resources, while boosting productivity, efficiency, and accuracy

Leverage our vetted network of H.I.M. professionals to quickly backfill open positions and eliminate performance gaps

Recalibrate operational expenses using offshore medical coding services to protect business profits and interests

Streamline H.I.M. Functions

Our H.I.M. Services include:

Initial Assessment

Take a deep dive into your current operations to assess productivity, efficiency, and risk

Customized Solutions

Develop a customized H.I.M. solution that reduces revenue cycle disruptions and increases compliance

Education Programs

Utilize education and training programs that reflect the latest industry requirements to grow internal team

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Learn more about the benefits of offshore staffing

The H.I.M. landscape has experienced rapid fluctuations over the last 12 months, making offshore staffing solutions a critical hiring option.

Find out how offshore staffing helps:

  • Lower costs (by up to 60%!)
  • Improves denial management process
  • Accelerates revenue cycles
  • Reduces operational risk

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