Eliminate Billing Disruptions

Charge Description Master (CDM) Solutions

Effectively and efficiently manage countless charge items and regulations

Eliminate Risk, Drive Results

A healthcare system’s charge description master (CDM) serves as a foundational component in the revenue cycle. Your CDM offers a billing starting point, both for patients and payers, making it a vital part of the revenue cycle. Healthcare executives must consistently and carefully assess and support CDM output to: 

  • Pinpoint process disruptions
  • Identify potential risk
  • Support accuracy
  • Prioritize compliance

Unlock Full CDM Potential

Pena4’s outsourced CDM services help H.I.M. partners overcome the challenges of insufficient internal resources and staff to lower risk, reduce revenue cycle disruptions, and meet patient and payer demand. 

Pena4’s remote, outsourced teams are trained to use the latest tools and innovations to support the highest CDM standards

Our medical coding specialists develop cohesive governance guidelines and practices to promote repeatable billing outcomes 

Pena4 creates and delivers customized dashboards and analytics that transform data into actionable responses

 Our CDM solutions help healthcare systems develop a running list of all billable services, capturing a comprehensive range of costs, including:
  • Procedure
  • Service
  • Supply
  • Prescription drug
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Services fees 

Pena4’s trained and experienced team of offshore professionals reinforce and strengthen the CDM process. 

Redefine CDM function in your health organization

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