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Full-time employees drive overhead and costs, restricting a company’s growth and overall success. Salaries, benefits, and tax requirements are just some of the many expenses businesses must absorb to maintain permanent support resources.

Pena4’s virtual HealthCare Staffing solutions offer our partners access to elite remote talent across multiple verticals, including: 

Our virtual staffing solutions deliver five significant benefits to our clients:

Increase Quality and Efficiency
The power of a remote workforce continues to grow, allowing organizations to tap into talent on a global scale. Pena4 offers managers immediate access to an elite pool of highly educated and experienced resources across multiple disciplines, specialties, and verticals. 

Meet Customer Demand
Managing support tasks wastes time and keeps you away from your business’s core responsibilities. Pena4’s virtual staffing solutions equip organizations to outsource their back office job operations, including admin, IT, finance, operations, and legal. Entrusting your manual-intensive functions to Pena4 allows you to meet customer demand and refocus on growing your business and bottom line. 

Scale Up or Down
Staffing flexibility is critical in any economic climate. Our virtual staffing strategies are customized to meet and evolve with our client’s current workforce demand. You can scale up as needed, without the upfront expenses, risk, or losses that come from scaling down. 

Save Money
Pena4’s virtual staffing services are bundled into a set monthly fee. Each payment covers periphery costs such as IT equipment, office space, furniture, support staff, payroll services, employee engagement costs, and more. 

Maintain Full Control 
When we say we source top-performing talent, we mean it. We only recruit professionals with four-year college degrees. Additionally, the Pena4 model allows clients to train and employ resources who fit into your existing corporate culture. Most importantly, Pena4 adjusts to your practices and technology, ensuring you retain full control of the entire staffing process. 

Leverage the cost savings of a remote workforce to protect profit margins and working capital 

Tap into remote talent on a global scale to maintain efficiency and compliance throughout your organization

Outsource periphery tasks and functions to stay focused on business’s core responsibilities

We Connect People With Technology

Our innovative staffing solutions deliver:

Vetted Resources

Access high-performing, talented, and credentialed professionals ready to hit the ground running

Unmatched Flexibility

Grow, scale, and downsize your virtual staffing resources to meet your business needs and client demands 

Data Protection

Prioritize data protection in all remote environments for peace-of-mind placements

Virtual Assistant Services from Pena4

VA Assist 2

Virtual Assistants

Pena4’s Virtual Assistant capabilities help large organizations, solopreneurs, and even individuals access skilled, trained, and professional Virtual Assistants who perform a wide range of tasks.

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