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Find out how Pena4 helps organizations across multiple industries run efficiently, effectively, and compliantly

Connect People With Technology

Pena4's dynamic remote workforce strategies bridge performance gaps across all healthcare settings and multiple workplace environments. From medical coding and revenue cycle specialists to IT, back-office, admin, and operations professionals, Pena4's outsourced and virtual resources help clients boost profits and overall return on investment. 


Pena4 Benefits

Access Experts & Technology

Leverage elite professional talent and state-of-the-art innovation to support and grow your operations

Improve Service Excellence

Our H.I.M. revenue cycle management and virtual staffing solutions drive service output and excellence

Save Time

Outsourcing workforce functions allows our resources to do what they do best — and free up bandwidth for you to focus on what you do best

Reduce Costs

Pena4's services and capabilities are explicitly designed to drive cost savings, sometimes by as much as 60%

Medical Coding

Develop and implement comprehensive remote health information management and medical coding solutions that protect both patients and your operations. Pena4's innovative professionals, combined with our cutting-edge technology, enable us to deliver accurate and compliant medical coding results quickly and efficiently. 

Minimize disruptions caused by medical coding backlog to keep the process moving forward at maximum capacity.

Pena4's medical coding professionals are trained in the very highest documentation standards for elevated compliance.

Tap into the benefits of our educational services to help H.I.M professionals achieve medical coding excellence. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Effectively and efficiently manage every phase of the revenue cycle within your healthcare system to eliminate delays and identify inconsistencies. Pena4's revenue management cycle strategies streamline every cycle phase to expedite the patient to payment process. 

Pinpoint and resolve revenue cycle disruptions to decrease overall time to bill.

Minimize administrative burden and lower error and redundancy rates to drive process pace across every revenue phase. 

Pena4's revenue cycle solutions reduce denial rate, support a higher percentage of clean claims, and drive faster payments for an improved net revenue.

Virtual Staffing

Rapid shifts in the economy and within the marketplace mean today's business environments must remain lean and agile for success. Pena4's virtual staffing strategies equip healthcare systems and corporate environments with the resources and technology they need without having to absorb salaries and overhead expenses. 

Access elite, professional talent on a global scale to streamline inefficiencies and support business momentum. 


Absorbing the costs of full-time employees makes it challenging for businesses to make fast workforce adjustments. Our offshoring staffing solutions allow our partners to quickly scale up or down as needed. 

Pay one set monthly fee that covers a multitude of services, including IT equipment, office space, furniture, support staff, payroll service and more. 

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