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Healthcare leaders, H.I.M. executives, and HR professionals trust Pena4 for customized outsourced solutions that mitigate risk and increase profits

The Pena4 Advantage

Pena4 partners with executives in multiple verticals to streamline efficiencies and cost-savings 

Health Information

Maintain compliance, refine workflows, and meet patient expectations 

Revenue Cycle

Support financial viability from claims processed through medical billing

Human Resources

Expand your team and service capabilities without increasing risk to your organization


Health Information Management


Health information leaders must continuously recalibrate their processes to support proper medical coding practices that maintain compliance amid constantly changing requirements and patient demand. Pena4 's outsourced H.I.M. service solutions enable healthcare systems to increase results and workflow successes. Our customized H.I.M. strategies help our partners:

Our medical coding services and solutions can help our H.I.M. partners cut costs by as much as 60%.

Pena4's health information management strategies reduce medical billing disruptions caused by coding backlogs

Our outsourced medical coders hit the ground running to prioritize denial management for healthcare systems


Revenue Cycle Services

Pena4  Coding

Fast, accurate, and compliant medical coding services play a critical role in any healthcare system's revenue cycle. Pena4's outsourced revenue cycle services enable healthcare leaders to reduce costs, increase staffing coverage, maintain quality levels, and drive productivity, all while improving compliance levels. Pena4's Revenue Cycle Services:

Outsourcing revenue cycle capabilities lowers overall team expenditures, often costing a fraction of internal, full-time resources

Pena4 absorbs fringe costs and workforce risks associated with internal employees to protect your business and profits

Our outsourced teams streamline workflow to help identify and capture additional revenue opportunities 


Human Resources


Maintaining a full-time workforce is a full-time job. Pena4's team of experienced virtual staffing recruiters accelerate the hiring process, equipping HR professionals with the tools and talent needed to build their team and scale their operations without unnecessary costs, overhead, and risk. Our Human Resources partners trust Pena4 to deliver: 

Pena4 only sources candidates with a four-year degree to ensure our HR professionals have access to high-performing, elite talent

Working with Pena4 means you're in full control of the hiring process. We adjust our staffing models and solutions to  your practices, workflows, and technology for a seamless integration. 

Our professional resources  allow HR leaders to quickly scale up and scale down as needed to support existing operational needs, without increasing full-time employee expenses and risks

Virtual Assistant Services from Pena4

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Pena4’s Virtual Assistant capabilities help large organizations, solopreneurs, and even individuals access skilled, trained, and professional Virtual Assistants who perform a wide range of tasks.

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