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    Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant Services That Let You Get Back to Business

    Skilled and professional support team to keep operations running at maximum capacity.

    Virtual Assistant Services

    Hiring internal support professionals requires an investment of time and resources that many organizations simply can’t afford. As a result, larger companies will “make do,” stretching their current workforce across multiple functions — and small business owners will continue to (at least try to) do everything themselves.

    Pena4’s Virtual Assistant capabilities help large organizations, solopreneurs, and even individuals access skilled, trained, and professional Virtual Assistants who perform a wide range of tasks, including:

    • Conducting Research (via Internet)
    • Managing Calendars
    • Researching and Booking of Travel
    • Providing Wake-up Calls
    • Reminding of Appointments
    • Managing Social Media Profiles
    • Setting up and Coordinating Webinars
    • Providing Telemarketing and Lead Generation
    • Providing Customer Service and Support
    • Managing Blogs
    • Follow Up on Leads and New Queries
    • CRM Management
    • Basic Photo Editing, back-up, etc.
    • IT Live Chat/ Email/ Phone Support
    • Paying Bills
    • Monitoring and Maintaining Subscriptions
    • Coordinating Events, Personal Commitments, Dr. Appointments, Childcare, etc.
    • Managing and Organizing Data, Documents, and Information
    • Providing Clerical Support for Word Processing, Data Entry, Registrations, etc.
    • Maintaining Editorial Calendar
    • Formatting and Design of PowerPoint Presentations
    • Typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence
    • Creating reports (Excel and Word-based reports)
    • Creating office memos and official company forms or documents
    • Managing Projects
    • General Administrative Support
    • Human Resources (Applicant Screening, Recruiting, Background Checks, etc.)
    • Live Support (Phone/chat/message board support)
    • Mailing List Development

    We offer three highly customizable plans for our VA services:

    Business Plan

    Need additional administrative resources to support your growing business? Have you reduced your internal staff and need to fill in existing support gaps? Whether you’re scaling up or downsizing, Pena4’s Business Plan delivers the right VA fit for your business needs.

    Entrepreneur Plan

    Running a small business often means wearing many hats. However, at Pena4, we know that no one can do it all - and do it all well. Our Entrepreneur Plan allows you to offload administrative functionality so you can stay focused on generating revenue and growing your small business.

    Consumer Plan

    Ever wish you had a personal assistant to manage all the day-to-day tasks you simply don’t have time for (or just don’t want to do?). Schedule appointments, book flights, make a reservation — Pena4’s Consumer Plan can help you prioritize and spend your free time doing things you actually want to do.

    Choose Your Weekly Hours & Pay One Flat Monthly Rate: 

    Hiring internal support staff can quickly prove cost-prohibitive. Pena4’s Virtual Assistant solutions are available at one flat monthly rate based on needed weekly hours. Our customized VA solutions are a fraction of the price of hiring internal resources.

    Click here to sign up for your monthly plan or learn more about our VA services.

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