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    4 core management skills every Pena4 executive must master.

    Pena4’s Core Beliefs in Business Process Outsourcing and Healthcare

    Problem Solving
    Earnest Communication
    Nurturing, Interpersonal
    Aim, Objective, Goal Setting

    Our founder Manny Peña built a career, a company, and a legacy based on the collaboration between people and technology.

    Today, Peña’s 4 core beliefs help improve operational efficiencies and workflows for customers across several industries.

    Manny Peña

    Founder, Pena4

    “We believe collaboration and teamwork are essential to improve business performance. These 4 basic yet essential management skills are something every Pena4 team member should master. Practicing these core beliefs help support our vision of improving revenue and optimizing business operations for customers.”

    Problem Solving, Decision Making

    check (1)     Identifies problems

    check (1)     Creates feasible alternatives; selects an optional alternative

    check (1)     Makes decisions under risk/or uncertainty

    check (1)     Evaluates alternatives used to solve problems

    Managing any business or team, big or small, is all about problem solving. Business leaders who are great problem solvers are the best prepared to solve their customers’ needs effectively. In fact, every business is about solutions to customer problems – no problems, no business. Problems are an everyday part of every business and personal environment. Pena4 is no stranger to problem solving, in fact it’s the first of our 4 core beliefs. Here are nine steps for effective business problem solving »

    Earnest Communication

    check (1)     Speaks effectively

    check (1)     Listens carefully

    check (1)     Writes clearly and concisely

    Communication is essential for success and growth in every organization. When done well, communication builds a good team, encourages feedback, boosts customer relationships, and so much more. We strive to achieve this every day at Pena4. Here are eleven reasons why effective business communication is so powerful »

    Nurturing, Interpersonal

    check (1)     Shows empathy

    check (1)     Uses power and influence fairly

    check (1)     Projects a positive image to others

    check (1)     Behaves ethically

    check (1)     Resolves conflict

    At Pena4, it’s not just about creating relationships with other businesses, customers, and vendors. Our ability to foster and maintain relationships with people is the key to long-lasting connections. To nurture our relationships, we try to always remember to give and expect nothing in return and always keep in touch, even when we don’t need anything. Here are eight strategies to nurture your business relationships »

    Aim, Objective, Goal Setting

    check (1)     Establishes meaningful and clear objectives

    check (1)     Sets priorities

    check (1)     Evaluates success of objective/goals as standards to establish
                 reward program

    check (1)     Validate, validate, validate

    Learning to set the right goals – and learning how to best achieve them – takes time, practice, and a little bit of guidance. Pena4 has learned some lessons over the years. We know the importance of setting concrete goals, creating systems to support goals, and ensuring our team members are on board with goals. Here are 18 tips for setting better business goals »

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